Windows is the story of many girls who have been brought up in traditional and/or strict religious societies in which women’s right is usually an issue. 
Lack of freedom and experiencing sexual assaults cause women many psychological harms that usually remains unaddressed and hidden.
Windows is the story of the writer’s life mixed with some made-up incidence to communicate the pain she has experienced as a girl brought up in a traditional family and society. 
There are several Metaphorical and symbolic elements in the story such as windows, ivies covering up light and blue pool. At the beginning, the little happy girl constantly goes around a blue pool in the middle of a garden; Circular movement around an object represents the holistic and spiritual power of the object. Bluewater pool is the symbol of life, hope, and transition. Also, the element of window connects the viewer to the outside world. It opens a new perspective to the other side.
The passion for learning hand drawn type made me go over many pages of practice and learning about modern calligraphy. After that, I made hand-drawn compositions based on the ideas that I had in the storyboard.
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