Shot Breakdown:
00:03-00:06 – 00:33-00:35 – “windows” – Solo
00:06-00:08 “We Are Motion Designers” – Solo
00:08-00:12 “Children of Labor” - Collaboration with Krystal Sojourner,
Role: Design, Animation, Compositing, and Asset creation
00:12-00:17 “23.5 degree” – Role: Design and animation
00:17-00:21 “CNN Branding” – Solo
00:21-00:25 “Davinci’s demons Show Opening”- Collaboration with Chieh Lee
and Ana Cristina Lossada, Role: Design, Green screen shooting, compositing, Camera
animation and frame-by-frame animation
00:25-00:27 “Dunkin’ Donuts Logo Animation”- Solo
00:27-00:28 “VH1 Logo Animation”- Solo
00:28-00:30 “The Home Depot weekend Project” - Role: Design and animation
00:30-00:33 “Where the Wild Things Are Trailer”- Solo
00:35-00:39 “Katrina 2065”- Design and animation
00:39-00:41 – 00:45-00:47 “Stalker Title Sequence” -Solo
00:42-00:45 “Lune Trailer” - Collaboration with SCAD students 
Role: Responsible for creating the entire shot from green screen shooting to keying,
matte painting and compositing
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