Motion . Design . Direction

demo reel 2016
23.5 degrees - a weather channel show open
local now branding - digital product
da vinici's demons show package
windows - personal project
branding for several tv segments
children of labor UNICEF
zire gonbade kabood (under the blue sky) - illustration
storm wranglers - a weather channel show package
the role of music in branding
katrina 2065 - a weather channel show package
Weather 101
we are motion designers
domestic violence board design
logo animation - dunkin' donuts, puma, vh1 & showtime
explainer - hurricane reconnaissance
logo designs
board design- knoling Project
board design for the music video - summer days
title design for stalker
illustration design for a digital story; namaki
poster design
book design - taxi driver movie
packaging design
video for the future of plastic